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News flash – You can now do a forklift course online on a computer, phone or tablet. See here


Operator Certificate to meet Health and Safety at Work Act requirements for safe forklift operation in the workplace

F Endorsement allows you to operate a forklift on a public road or an open work site

Wheels, Tracks and Rollers

The W,T,R Endorsement on your licence allows you to drive Wheels, Tracks and Roller machines on a road or public place (our machines are available on site).

Dangerous Goods (DG)

Full course or refresher.

In-cab assessments

Pre-employment driving assessments.


Corrective training for drivers.

ECO driving, for trucks, vans and general vehicles to improve fuel economy.

Driving lessons

Trucks- Cars- trailers- horse floatsGet ready for your restrictive or full licence test with a pre-assessment drive in your vehicle.

Usually a one hour lesson.

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